How SKOOT Can Help as Outdoor Sports Make a Return in the UK

How SKOOT Can Help as Outdoor Sports Make a Return in the UK

The latest easing of lockdown on March 29th means that we’ve got some more freedom in the UK! Life’s not fully back to normal but for now, we’ll take what we can get. If you’re a big sports fan like we are at SKOOT, the latest release is extremely exciting. This is because we can finally start to play outdoor sports again including football, basketball, tennis, golf, outdoor swimming and more. 

So whether you’re SKOOTing to your first football match playing some 5-a-side, your first tennis match against your arch rival, or your first game of golf since lockdown began, we hope you’re as excited as we are. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you on the rust you’ve picked up on your backswing (you’ve got all summer to fix that). 

A few of our team members have been making the most of the new rules over the long Easter weekend. One of our SKOOT team members, Musty, has made his return to his weekly 5-a-side matches, Amelia has been horse riding with friends and Robbie has been hitting the golf course on the weekend. Having sport back, especially with friends and family, has got the SKOOT team in a good mood.

Make it a Sporting Summer to Remember

As we’re most likely to be spending our summer locally, we might as well set ourselves a sporting goal to reach – doesn’t matter how small or large that is. It could be beating your older brother in a game of tennis, shooting 10 free-throws in a row or running your first half-marathon. Now that we can get out and about again, it’s a great time to set yourself a new fitness goal or sporting challenge, but also to spend time being active with the people close to you. 

Why SKOOT Loves Sport

The beauty of sport is that it brings people together, we guess that’s why we love it so much. It goes without saying that the passion, competitiveness and excitement that sport brings is what makes it like nothing else. Sport has the power to unite us without focusing on who you are, where you’re from and what your background is. When you share the sport, the game has the ability to throw everything else out the window. 

At SKOOT we care about bringing people together. Connecting people who drive with people that need errands and lift is central to what we do. Due to lockdown, we refocused our business to provide people an easy way to ask for help with essential Errands! We’ve received some great feedback, so Errands is here to stay! But now that we’re moving out of Lockdown, we’ll also be bringing back our Instant Ride Feature and can’t wait to share more lifts and experiences with friends. The perfect way to ask your friends for a lift (and help the planet while doing it) is through SKOOT. 

We’ve got you covered for the return of outdoor sports! Follow the link below to find out more about SKOOT and to download the app. 


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