What Are You Doing When Lockdown Eases and How Can SKOOT Help?

What Are You Doing When Lockdown Eases and How Can SKOOT Help?

Right, now who is excited!? It’s been a long time coming – but it looks like the end is in sight! We can finally start to look forward to life going back to normal. Be it, one step at a time and at a very slow pace, but we’ll take it!

 What Are The New Rules? 

Hold your horses for now, because we’ve still got some time before we can meet our friends down the pub for a well overdue pint (of coca-cola if you’re driving).

Here’s the expected road map out of Lockdown 3.0 (click here to view in more detail): 

 Stage 1

8th March

  •     Schools will open, with after-school sports and activities allowed
  •     Outdoor exercise with someone from a different household
  •     Two people can meet outdoors to socialise e.g. to sit down for a coffee
  •     Care home residents allowed one regular visitor 

29th March 

  •     People can meet outside with one other household or ‘rule of six’, including in private gardens
  •     Outdoor sports facilities reopen, including golf, tennis and basketball courts
  •     Weddings can occur once again with up to 6 people in attendance 


12th April 

  •     All shops reopen
  •     Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers outdoors.
  •     Gyms and spas to reopen 
  •     Weddings with up to 15 people can take place 
  •     Hairdressers reopen 
  •     UK domestic holidays are permitted

 Stage 3

17th May 

  •     Meet with up to 30 people outdoors 
  •     Six people or two households can meet indoors 
  •     Outdoor theatres/cinemas can open 
  •     Up to 10,000 people allowed to attend 

Stage 4

21st June 

  •     All legal limits on social contact will be removed
  •     Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen

What does this mean for me? 

We’ve got to be patient and stick to the rules – this way we can stay on track with the roadmap. Boris Johnson has mentioned that it’s no guarantee that we’ll be out of lockdown on June 21 if we are not where we should be.

Here’s what you can do though – start planning! Looks like we’ll have most of our summer back, and with SKOOT you can make it one summer to remember!

 As early as April 12th, we can pack our bags and head to a domestic getaway for a well-earned holiday. 

  What’s the first road trip you’ve got planned?  

We’re by your side with SKOOT Shared Drives. Plan your journey in advance with your mates and we’ll make sure you get there in the quickest way. Also, forget about chasing them for petrol money, SKOOT sorts that all out for you, by splitting the money between the passengers and paying the driver. Not to mention that it’s completely carbon negative too. For every three rides, SKOOT plants a tree!

Here’s a list of our 5 favourite places we’d recommend: 

  •     Bath – spend a weekend exploring the Roman Baths and treat yourself to a nice relaxed Spa weekend.
  •     The Lake District – woodland walks and nature spotting – find this in abundance in this northern paradise. 
  •     Brighton – Od school beach break mixed with some great inner-city exploring to do 
  •     The Gower Peninsula – come here for some breath-taking beaches and medieval ruins.
  •     Devon – fancy a bit of surfing, beach days and awesome sunsets? Devon is the place to be. 

So if you’re going for a long weekend getaway with your mates, or booking yourself a nice week off to get away with the fam… make sure you use SKOOT to get you there. 

If you haven’t already, use the link below to download.

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