A Playground For Us at SKOOT

A Playground For Us at SKOOT

It’s important for brands to have ‘playgrounds’ in order to bring the brand to life.
So, you may ask, what exactly is a playground? Well, at SKOOT we define it as an area or field that you tap into to ‘play’, which aligns with the brand’s strategy. For us, sport is one of these exciting areas and in particular football. Being one of the sports still going on at the highest level in the world today, the spotlight on it is huge. And we believe that SKOOT can shoot its way into the scene, bringing our brand to life by connecting fans, players and everyone in between, through a shared love of footie.

Being a Sports Fan at Home

Obviously, right now we’re strictly sofa-supporters but the second the flood gates reopen, SKOOT will be by your side. For now, we’ll settle for running our SKOOT Errands to make sure everyone has their half-time snacks in time, check out the explainer video here for a bit more information.
From top-flight all the way down to your weekly 5-a-side and Sunday League fixtures, we believe that SKOOT can perfectly slot in and help make travel that one bit more convenient (and fun of course).
So, whether it’s for your away days, home days or a kick around in the park, we’ll be there to connect fans that drive with fans who play or watch.
Sharing lifts to the game has so many benefits. Let’s be real, parking is always a nightmare and can be really expensive. Plus, driving with your mates means you get the pre-game chants going from way before kick-off. Not to mention that lift-sharing with SKOOT is completely carbon-negative too.
The beauty of football is that no matter what level you play at or support, it brings people together, and creates a sense of community – the ethos that is at the heart of who SKOOT is.

At SKOOT We Love Football

The football spirit lies within the DNA of our team at SKOOT. Within the team, we have an array of supporters, ranging from the mighty Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Celtic all the way to lower league teams such as Coventry and Havant and Waterlooville.
So, for us, moving into the football ‘playground’ just feels right.
And we can’t wait to see what happens in the future.
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