Shoutout to the Brand Ambassadors!

Shoutout to the Brand Ambassadors!

This post goes out to our Brand Ambassadors – more specifically to two that have gone above and beyond in recent weeks, Sophie and Killian. 

Our Brand Ambassadors have the job to promote SKOOT and bring the brand to life (not an easy task in a pandemic). 

We give them tools and support to help but also give them as much flexibility as they need. As they’re the ones who know their local town, culture and network best. 

 Due to the Lockdowns, the role has shifted to being predominantly online, which has made it difficult, ok virtually impossible to bring the brand to life physically, meaning it’s had to be a lot more virtual. 

 What has stood out to us at SKOOT Towers are the methods that they have both undertaken to reach out and tap into new communities. 

Shoutout to Sophie

Sophie jumped at the opportunity to join Sting on a podcast “Smart Hustle” discussing ways in which students can make a bit of extra cash while at uni. 

 She spoke about the ins and out of her role as one of our Brand Ambassadors and also talking about the positive impacts SKOOT brings to society. 

 Truly a great listen – kudos to Sophie. Give the podcast a listen using the link here.

 Moving on to Killian, who is a walking, talking advocate of SKOOT. Which really shows a spike in his downloads and usage of the app. Here are a few words from the man himself:

 A Few Words From Killian

‘As a University student, SKOOT is a great way to show your gratitude to your friends who provide a helping hand on countless occasions. With not many cars available, roles such as lifts to the shops become the responsibility of select individuals and the toll on their fuel costs gradually add up. With the help of SKOOT, it is now so simple to provide a small contribution which goes a long way to say thanks.

 SKOOT has provided so many ways to help your friends out but from a more personal perspective, has given me so many skills and opportunities I will carry with me through life. As a Brand Ambassador, I have greatly benefited from being part of an effective team driven to help others as well as the environment. From social media content to organising giveaways, there are so many skills that I have developed in my time at SKOOT and will continue to use both in and out of my role with the team. It’s great to know that I’m part of something that is contributing to reducing our carbon footprint and with that ethos, I am driven to continue promoting such a successful app.’

These words go to show the true value that Killian sees in SKOOT and it’s clear that he’s a huge believer in the brand. Which goes to show that it’s no coincidence that he’s seen great success in recent weeks.

Thanks Sophie and Killian for your words and keep up the good work!

We’re Hiring!

As we move forward into 2021, we’re looking to expand the team of Brand Ambassadors.  

We’re looking for confident, outgoing and sociable individuals that are keen to work for our vibrant and exciting company while earning some really good money. 

There are several perks available including earning up to £6 per download, weekly competitions, receiving our exclusive merch plus lots more. 

 So if you feel like you’d be a good fit for the role or have any questions – drop an email to [email protected].

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