SKOOT’s Errands: The Perfect App to Help Out This Lockdown when you need a favour

SKOOT’s Errands: The Perfect App to Help Out This Lockdown when you need a favour

So back into lockdown… again. Hopefully, it’s going to be third time lucky and on the other side of the next couple months we can finally start to move back to our normal lives once again. We don’t even remember what that feels like to be completely honest.  

Anyways, it’s not all doom and gloom as we have some great news to announce. SKOOT Errands is the perfect tool for you to use during lockdown! The new feature where friends help friends with favours. 

A study conducted towards the backend of 2020 discovered that throughout the pandemic a quarter of the British population went without because they didn’t know how to ask for help. An astounding fact, which also shows that there’s a need for Errands during these difficult times.  

What are Lockdown 3.0 rules? 

Rather than saying what you cannot do during lockdown (the list would be far too long), it’s probably easier to say what you can do instead, this is: 

  •     Essential shopping 
  •     Go to work (if you cannot do so from home) 
  •     Exercise with your household or with one other individual from a different household.
  •     Seek medical assistance.
  •     Meet your support bubble.

Other than for these reasons, it’s against the law to leave your house and you can be fined if you are caught. For extensive information on the new lockdown rules click the link here to find out more. 

There will be instances when people such as your neighbours, friends and loved ones will be unable to get around for their essential shop or to pick up their medical prescription and this is where Errands comes into play.

What was so amazing about the first lockdown back in March, was the sense of community it brought to the nation. People were asking to help out more than ever, it’s just we didn’t have a safe and efficient means to get it done. 

How Does Errands Work? 

 It’s simple, select the pick-up and drop off location, add in what needs to be collected with any additional information, add a picture, select up to 10 friends, when the item needs to be collected and add an optional £5 tip. 

 From here, your invited friends will receive a SKOOT notification and can either accept or decline the Errand. Once accepted, the driver will have a map to follow on their screen to the pick-up location and from there to your location. You will then receive a notification that the item is at your door and the Errand is complete!

 For more information on Errands, read our previous blog here.

 Key Features of Errands 

  1. Connecting friends, neighbours, and communities drive who need help, with people who drive during Lockdown
  2. Ask for Free, or offer a simple £5 tip for helping out
  3. Ask up to 10 friends at a time 
  4. No strangers – trust the people who are helping you out
  5. Carbon offsetting – for every 3 Errands we plant a tree

So when you need help, just use Errands to ask for help. 

And if you’re bored at home, why not become your local good Samaritan and give Errands to those who need it most in your community.  

Who knows, you might be able to make a few extra quid too. 

We’d love to see some footage of you running Errands, post a picture or video to our Instagram and Facebook pages of you running an Errand (be as creative as possible) for a chance to be featured on our page. 

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