SKOOT’s new SUPER-USER: Grandpa John

SKOOT’s new SUPER-USER: Grandpa John

This blog is all about Grandpa John, SKOOT’s new super-user who has recently integrated SKOOT Errands into his life, and absolutely loves how it has made it so much easier to ask for help. SKOOT Errands is a tool that connects friends that drive with friends looking for help. Whether that’s picking up a prescription or click & collect shopping. You simply register an errand, share it with up to 10 friends, add a tip (optional) and the driver follows the straight forward instructions until they reach your door. No need to call or text the Driver, just wait for the notification that your item’s at your door. For more information on Errands, click the link here to read our recent blog on the new feature.

After finding out that Grandpa John was a big fan of SKOOT, we got in touch and asked him to answer a few questions, to see what he truly thought of our app. Below is the transcribed interview that we conducted, we sent over the questions which were asked by a family member in order to sustain social-distancing rules.

Has it been hard getting what you need during COVID?

“With the COVID rules changing so frequently, I feel particularly vulnerable at the moment. And therefore whilst I can get some shopping via my family for those extra items which I run out of it’s vital to use Errands. I wouldn’t have had toast for breakfast this morning if my friends haven’t got me some bread last night.”

When would you use SKOOT Errands?

“Certainly mainly for emergencies when I run out of things, you know, I can’t go out so I can send a message to an array of friends and they can help me.”

Has SKOOT Errands helped you?

“Well particularly in emergencies. As one gets older one forgets what one needs and having something vital like the milk or the bread or something like that being able to get someone to collect it for you instantly or almost instantly is so valuable.”

Do you find it challenging to ask for help?

“I think it’s vital SKOOT because it is difficult to ask people to get you things. If you send out a message to a number of people it’s easier for them perhaps to say no than say no face to face. So I think it’s got a great social advantage in giving me an opportunity to get a number of people to help me.”

Has SKOOT made it easier to get help if you need it?

“Well certainly, it can almost be instantaneous. And of course for instance, if a friend is going to a big Supermarket, then you perhaps could arrange for click and collect and they can do it while they’re doing their own shopping. So yes, it’s very important.”

Is it easy to set up an Errand?

“Well, like everything once you’ve set it up it becomes easy. So once you get organized, yes, it’s very easy.”

Do you feel safe using SKOOT as a more vulnerable person?

“Well, everybody is vulnerable these days or feels vulnerable. My family went over it with me to make sure they were confident that it was a suitable system. And yes, so therefore I’m happy that SKOOT is safe.”

Do you feel like SKOOT Errands will benefit your friends?

“I certainly think SKOOT Errands will help my friends if I can only convince them to do it. You know, we all get a bit anxious about new things but certainly these new things in this time have certainly helped us out.”

Would you feel safe doing an Errand for a friend?

“Well certainly, I’ve received so much help during this period I would certainly be happy to help anybody. So yes, if I was on someone’s SKOOT list, I’d be happy.”

Big Thank You to Grandpa John for taking part in the interview (which was conducted behind closed doors). We love that he demonstrates that no matter how large or small a task, people want to help those nearest and dearest around them, especially during times like these. Many people are immobile at the moment, possibly due to the new Tier restrictions in place, are self-isolating or maybe just have a broken-down car. Which makes it difficult for them to get around. SKOOT Errands gives you the ability to ask for help! A recent study identified that a third of Brits went without this year as they were unsure how to ask for help. We hope that by giving you this tool, it will give you an easier opportunity to do so. Whether that is asking a friend to pick up a loaf of bread (as Grandpa John did) or picking up your last-minute Christmas food shop (due to Tier 4 changing your plans) – it can be done using SKOOT Errands. There’s also no hidden costs – the service is completely free!

Below is a video of the interview (only 2 minutes long). If you have an interesting story that occurred while using SKOOT or simply just want to give us some feedback, we’d love to hear it. So don’t hesitate to get in touch on either our Facebook, Instagram or send an email to [email protected].

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And remember, if you are looking to get around this festive period with your family and loved ones, or just want to ask for a favour, remember to use SKOOT!


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