How to use SKOOT for the Banksy Bristol Tour

How to use SKOOT for the Banksy Bristol Tour

This blog will pinpoint Banksy’s latest graffiti works in Bristol, UK and highlight how you can use SKOOT to transport your way around the latest route if viewing by car. 

To all our Bristol locals and Banksy lovers, this blog is for you. Graffiti is an Italian word that is defined as a scratched drawing – think it’s fair to say that Banksy – the genius and unique graffiti artist – stretches this definition ever so slightly. In the early hours of December 10th, Banksy added to his Bristol street art collection with an image of a ‘Sneezing Girl’ on the corner of a road in Totterdown. Believe it or not, before this bold Banksy artwork appeared on the side of this house, the building was up for sale – I can confirm that the house has been removed from the market since, weird coincidence, hey? People have swarmed from all corners of Bristol and the south-west to take a personal snapshot of themselves with the new masterpiece and we don’t blame them! It’s amazing how influential a bit of paint to a wall can be, and it’s brought people within and outside of the community together, which is why we at SKOOT love this so much.

Did you know that there’s a Banksy Tour in Bristol?

There’s a lot we don’t know about the mysterious artist; for starters, we don’t even know what Banksy looks like. What we do know, however, is that Banksy is from Bristol (supposedly anyway) which means that this quirky city is the home to many of his early and most famous pieces such as: ‘Banksy Girl with the Balloon’ or ‘Girl with a Pierced Ear Drum’. The pieces are dotted around Bristol and there’s a variety of arranged routes you can find here. They Banksy routes vary depending on how many pieces you’d like to see and can reach around 6 miles in length, so a car would be favourable for the longer routes. 

How to use SKOOT to get around the Banksy Bristol Tour

If only there were an app that maps your journey, lets you add your friends and then split the running costs… oh wait, that’s SKOOT! SKOOT is the world’s first and only carbon-negative lift sharing and errands app for friends. Our blooming fabulous app (that actually won Innovate UK funding) connects friends that drive with friends that need a lift or some help using our latest feature Errands (find out more about Errands here). 

To use SKOOT for the Banksy Tour, it’s simple – add in the location details, follow the map until you get there and enjoy the ride! This is one of Bristol’s hidden gems, so if you’re local make sure you tick this one off the list. Be sure to check us out on social media and share your snaps if you do take the Banksy tour – we’d love to see them! 


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