SKOOT’s Latest Feature Errands is Finally Here!

SKOOT’s Latest Feature Errands is Finally Here!

It’s an incredibly exciting time for SKOOT  – Errands is finally here! It’s a tool that connects friends together by giving the ability to seek or offer help all at the click of a button, such as picking up a prescription or click & collect shopping. 

COVID has brought countless amounts of negatives (more than you can probably count) but there have been some positives too. One that sticks out to us at SKOOT is that it has brought the country together and introduced a much larger sense of community. Without even realising, our mindsets have shifted into a position that we want to help out more, whether that’s with your friend, neighbour or loved one. There is a problem however – we don’t know how to ask for help!

Check out the video below to see how it works, also click here to view how we are COVID compliant when using SKOOT!

Why is there a need for Errands

A recent study has shown that a third of Brits have needed help this year but haven’t asked for it due to reasons such as feeling like a burden, not wanting to make others feel obliged to help and embarrassment – shockingly from a survey we conducted to 2000 people, the largest audience to go without is the 16-24 demographic at 27%. Statistics like these are exactly what made us realise that there’s a demand for Errands, and after months of development it’s here and we can’t wait for you to use it.

The easy-to-use function simply helps you ask for help. You can add up to 10 friends per request which includes all the required details and information needed, so the driver can get the Errand done without the need of picking up their phone to call or text you. All you need to then do is wait for the notification that your Errands item has been dropped off at your door.

Christmas Has Come Early

It’s finally here, and the timing is pretty spot on too! With all of the Christmas COVID rules, it’s tricky to fully get to grips with what we can and can’t do. Christmas is a time for giving back and helping those closest around you, so we hope that by giving you this tool, it will make your life a little easier. The service is totally free, the only cost that exists is determined by the user, either add a £5 tip or consider it a favour, up to you. 

Plus, we are offering a free £5 to you when you use Errands for the first time.6

Carbon Negative

Yes! We’ve stretched the same carbon rule for Errands, meaning that for every three Rides, Drives or Errands you do SKOOT plants a tree, just for you. Not only does  Errands help you, your mate and the environment, it also helps us get to sleep at night. As SKOOT are in the mobility sector (an industry that often gets a bad rap for its negative environmental impact), we have the responsibility to look after the planet, so this is our way of giving back. It’s a Win-Win.


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