How Does SKOOT Errands Work?

How Does SKOOT Errands Work?

Our latest feature, Errands, is about to go live – hopefully, you’re as excited as we are. Errands connects friends that drive, with friends needing help, for example, helping pick up a prescription or click & collect lockdown food shop – all at the click of a button. You simply register an errand, share it with up to 10 friends and they follow the straight forward instructions until they reach your door. Its user-friendliness combined with the ability to help out your community makes it a feature we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s a step-by-step guide so that you can hit the ground running as soon as it comes out.

Have a read of last weeks blog for all the ins and outs of the feature.

The Simplicity of Errands

Errands is designed in a way that makes it easy to use, regardless of who you are and how good you are with technology. So even people like my grandma can use it successfully (no disrespect to Grandma Barbara, she’s just terrible with technology). You can create an Errand from start to finish in under 2 minutes – that’s quicker than it takes to make a cup of tea or to run a bath. Pretty impressive right?

How to use Errands!

Step 1 – Open the SKOOT App. Download here if you haven’t got it installed yet.


Step 2 – Select the Errands Icon.



Step 3 – Get started – fill out all of the required fields, choose the task i.e. food shop or prescription;  add location; invite up to 10 friends and finally, add a £5 tip if you fancy.



Step 4 – Confirm Errand – once you’ve filled out all the necessary information, confirm the Errand and it’ll automatically notify the friends you’ve asked.



Step 5 – Await for confirmation from a friend – your friends will be able to see all the details and can either accept or decline the Errand (you’ll be notified accordingly).


Step 6  – Wait for your friend’s arrival, be patient! The App will notify you when your friend has arrived with your food shop or prescription.

Step 7 – Simple as that! The Errand has been completed, if there was a pre-agreed tip the driver will now be paid.


The Four Pillars Of Errands

We have focused on 4 pillars that help to explain what makes Errands unique: Trust, Time, Price and Carbon Negative. Let’s elaborate.

TrustSilhouette of couple helping each other in the mountains

Trust is an element at the centre of all features at SKOOT. We believe having your own tailored community of SKOOT Riders enables you to carry out tasks without any unwanted stress. Whether it’s asking your friend for a lift or to pick up your lockdown food shop, it can be carried out most effectively when asking the nearest and dearest people around you, plus who wants to ask a stranger? Having the trust element enables you to go one step further when asking for help. You can ask for favours like picking up your new house keys; taking your dog to the vet; or perhaps getting your mate to be the designated driver to grab you another 4-pack of Stella.


Errands makes asking your mates for help quick and easy, all within the app – forget about using WhatsApp or Snapchat to get in touch with your friends. It takes no more than 2 minutes to register an Errand on SKOOT. Once all information is gathered and confirmed, the driver accepts lift the driver and simply follows instructions until they reach the destination. Efficiency at it’s finest.


Food delivery and courier services can be somewhat inconvenient in today’s world. Firstly you’ve got the struggle of finding a delivery slot, then having to spend a minimum on your order (what if you just want a few bits and bobs), and then, of course, the additional delivery charges. We don’t think this is fair – we aim to give you the freedom and flexibility to order what you want, big or small and charge how you see fit. Which is why not only are we waiving our fees for the rest of lockdown but we leave it up to you to choose how much you charge. So charge nothing and consider it a favour, or add a £5 tip to your mate (especially if they’ve knocked it out the park with that lockdown food shop).

Piggy bank on beach wearing glasses

Carbon Negativity

The definitive feature of our Brand – everyone that uses SKOOT becomes carbon negative. For every 3 Rides, Drives or Errands you do, we plant a tree. We are aware that this may not be the driving motivator (pardon the pun) for people to download SKOOT but it’s something that helps us get to sleep at night. As we’re in the mobility industry, we’ve got the responsibility to do our best in taking care of and helping the environment. So this is our way of giving back.

Can I Drive During Lockdown?

In simple, the answer to your question is yes but due to Lockdown, it’s slightly more complicated. We strongly advise that if you do drive, you strictly follow government guidelines and only travel if it is necessary. It’s understandable that some people may be much less mobile than others, so we all have a duty to help out the best we can. For the full and most up to date travel guidelines, click the link here.

When will Errands be Live?

You can expect to be using Errands before the end of next week. So in the meantime, get all your friends and family on SKOOT, fill up your tank of petrol, and get ready to help out your community. Remember, whether it’s helping pick up your neighbours prescription or your best mates lockdown food shop, it’s always good to help. SKOOT live by a Win-Win ethos, and this new feature enables you to do the same.

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