Lockdown 2: What Can You Still do Outdoors?

Lockdown 2: What Can You Still do Outdoors?

2020 has thrown another curveball at us – we’re heading back into lockdown! The new restrictions state you are still able to visit parks, beaches, countryside, public gardens, allotments and playgrounds (click here to see full guidelines). Taking social distancing into consideration of course, there’s still lots you can do to keep busy and get yourself outdoors. This can be done with either your household or 1 person from a different household.

Let’s stay positive in these tricky times! SKOOT are here to help keep you busy and get around in the safest way possible. Why not test yourself with a new challenge or perhaps pick up a new hobby? Well if you need some inspiration, here’re 5 things that you could do to keep busy during the next month.

Go for a Hike

Father and son on a hike together

Endure the Autumnal British weather and test yourself on a hike in the ultimate conditions. There are several spots around the country ranging in difficulty, so no matter how fit you are, the perfect hike for you is out there. Ben Nevis or the 3 Peaks are two of our personal favourites.

Picturesque sunrise on an English beach with silhouette of a tree

Watch the Sunrise

This is extremely weather dependent of course, but could you imagine having a whole beach or mountain top to yourself watching the sunrise? Sounds good to me. It could be the perfect day out; you’d be back by brunch or savour the moment and bring a picnic (and warm clothes too).


Support Local Businesses! Visit your local Garden Centre and Farm Shops

Farm shop owner standing happily in front of his products.

Try to get out to your local garden centre and farm shop where you can rather than supporting large supermarkets and chains. Supporting these smaller businesses is key in today’s climate and helps with your local economy. As Christmas is around the corner, we’d love for you to share your sustainable shopping adventures (think eco-friendly Christmas decorations) with us on social media! We’ll even be doing our own gifting by rewarding the best posts by our SKOOTers so keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates.

Brave the Elements with a Cold Water Swim

Close up of man swimming in the sea wearing a wet suit, goggles and a swim cap.

Have you ever tried cold water swimming? If you want a proper challenge (it’s actually our next SKOOT challenge) – take a trip down to the beach or a nearby lake for a bit of open water swimming. Yes, your friends will think you’re mad but get them to join in too! Just don’t forget to bring warm clothes to change into afterwards and follow cold water swimming guidelines.

Visit a National Landmark

Stonehenge on an overcast day

Hit the road and discover what this amazing country has to offer! Make a list of places you wish to visit and check them off throughout the month. Have you ever been to Stonehenge? The Lake District? Hadrians Wall? If not, then go and check them out! It’s not like you have anything better to do…

They’re still a few grey areas which have not been finalised by the government yet. These surround outdoor sports including golf, fishing and tennis. Keep up to date with all of the guidelines here.

We strongly advise that you follow all guidelines to ensure that you’re staying safe. We’re very mindful of the mental health issues that can stem from lockdown, feeling isolated and having your routine change and want to help keep you active and positive. 

SKOOT is soon to release its latest feature, Errands. This feature enables you to help out neighbours, friends or loved ones who’re less mobile than you (whether coronavirus is the culprit or not) by picking up or dropping off requested items. It’s simple: you register an ‘Errand’ on the app, add in what needs picking up/dropping off and SKOOT will direct you there. 

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