Enter Our Carve A Car Pumpkin Carving Competition 2020

Enter Our Carve A Car Pumpkin Carving Competition 2020

October is here so it’s time to dredge out your ability to make pumpkin art (or whatever we’d call it after seeing your creations, yikes!) and take on our pumpkin carving challenge! We’ll be planting 1 tree for every entry using #carveacar (you know ’cause that’s what we do, we plant trees to make sure you’re carbon negative when you drive or ride with SKOOT). Keep reading to find out how much effort this competition will take you…

Carve A Car Pumpkin Challenge With SKOOT

We see you sat there deep into your 7-hour social media scrolling sesh and know your poor thumb is tired but TOUGH, it’s time to grab those tools and get carving!

Step 1:

Download the SKOOT app. Pretty simple first step, right? Getting a bit confident? Good.

Download SKOOT

Step 2:

Drive or ride to the pumpkin patch to go pumpkin picking with your friends (from your bubble only).

Man and woman driving in car with jack russell dog
Driving in car with best friend to pumpkin patch

You’re thinking, “easy, I can do that”. Good.

Step 3:

Choose your pumpkin carving design. It can be hard finding pumpkin designs but our pumpkin carving idea but our SKOOT challenge is really going to well, challenge you. Not so easy now, is it? (It is, even if you submit a pile of mush or if your carved car looks like it exploded, we want to see it. Please. We need laughter in our lives right now.)

Step 4:

Get messy with your mates (from your bubble, obviously) and get carving!

Step 5:

Create your own hilarious pumpkin carving tutorial video as you go or take snaps and videos of the finished design instead. Post your creations on social media using #carveacar or email [email protected] to enter.

Pumpkin jack o lantern with car carved out of it and light showing through
Take part in our SKOOT carve a car pumpkin carving competition 2020 to have a laugh AND plant trees!

What’s the Prize if You Win the Pumpkin Carving Contest?

Do you really think we’re that organised?! We’ll award either the most hilarious attempt OR the best one with a prize (depends on how much your creation makes us laugh like a hyena or look on with love like a penguin who caught that elusive fish). It could be meal vouchers, it could be petrol for a month – it could even be a NEW CAR (joking, it won’t be a new car – who do you think we are, the Royal Family?!).







Pumpkin Carving Tips

Girl carving a pumpkin
Pumpkin Carving Tips with SKOOT
  • When cutting the lid out of your pumpkin, point your knife inwards and cut in that direction diagonally – instead of cutting straight downwards – so that your lantern lid stays on top nicely.
  • Cut the pumpkin lid and scoop out the insides of the pumpkin before sketching your design out.
  • Choose the best ‘side’ of the pumpkin for your design; a flatter pumpkin side is usually easier to draw on.
  • If using a reference image (which we think you’re going to need for this challenge), only go for something you’re comfortable with at your skill level. Don’t go too detailed! We don’t mind if you’re only able to carve Noddy’s car rather than a Ferrari.
  • Sketch on the design with a felt tip pen or something you can wipe off if you make a mistake rather than a permanent marker.
  • When cutting out the Halloween pumpkin design, think about the negative space. Cut out the big main parts carefully first, then go back and do the smaller details once you’ve got the bulk of the shapes cut.
  • If you’ve endlessly been searching for “How to create shading and layers in a pumpkin carving” then scroll now more! In order to get more definition, shading and layers, you can cut only halfway in to the pumpkin to get two levels of glow, like on the tyres in our carving. As long as you cut away the outer skin, you’ll get some level of glow in the dark.

Terms and Conditions

  • You need to use #carveacar or send your footage to [email protected] to enter.
  • Remember images you find off the internet as your reference image are copyrighted and should not be distributed.
  • You must have permission to distribute and post your footage from all those featured in it before you enter.
  • Any footage that you submit can be re-shared across SKOOT’s social platforms, website and marketing.
  • The competition closes at 12 noon on November 1 2020.
  • The winner will be announced on social media.
  • The prize cannot be swapped for a cash prize.
  • You may enter multiple times but it must feature a different pumpkin carving attempt.

Note: We do really want to see your dusting off your cars and heading out on a coronavirus carving adventure but you can still take part in our competition if you want to walk to collect your pumpkin or if you already have one at home.

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