Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Lift-Share with SKOOT

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Lift-Share with SKOOT

Lift-sharing has been a convenient way for friends and communities to share journeys together for a while now, but it’s more than just efficient. Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons why you should be lift-sharing and why that should be with carbon-negative app SKOOT.

  1. Save Money By Lift-Sharing
  2. Be More Sustainable By Lift-Sharing
  3. Save Time By Lift-Sharing
  4. Help Others By Lift-Sharing
  5. Why You Need SKOOT

1. How Can You Save Money by Lift-Sharing?

It’s simple, when you share lifts with your friends, you can split the costs. That means you can share the fare to get to where you need to be, so that’s sharing: petrol, insurance and all other running costs. It can be really complicated to try to work out how much your friends should be contributing to the costs of your drives together and that’s where SKOOT comes in.

Using SKOOT makes your journey up to 80% cheaper than opting for public transport. The app auto-calculates the running costs of your journey and pays the driver automatically. Just like splitting a pizza or a round of drinks, the more people that you share a lift with, the cheaper it will become.

With the current circumstances, we advise that you follow your local coronavirus restrictions, chiefly: keeping the car well ventilated, wearing masks and travelling long journeys only where necessary. Find out more here. You can save money even further when you lift-share because you can split the cost of parking, congestion and toll charges too when sharing a journey with friends.

2. How Does Lift-Sharing Help me Live More Sustainably? 

When you share a car journey with a friend, that’s one or more less cars on the road contributing to our planet’s rising CO2 levels, along with less congestion on the roads. But are you really doing enough to reduce your carbon footprint just by lift-sharing?

We’re in the mobility industry so we here at SKOOT have made this our problem to solve. We at SKOOT believe that we have a responsibility to looking after the environment so we’ve gone one step further with how environmentally friendly lift-sharing can be by making all car journeys travelled with the SKOOT app carbon-negative, forever.

Eden Reforestation Project (who plant our trees for us) is an inspirational company that also build sustainable communities in developing countries. They do this by creating jobs in these locations helping to boost their economies. So when you travel with SKOOT, not only are you offsetting your carbon footprint by allowing 1 tree to be planted for every 3 of your car trips, you’ll also help to improve our world’s sustainability.

It’s not just about feeling good, but during this current pandemic, why shouldn’t we have a big smile on our faces when we drive with SKOOT? It’s an easy and efficient tool to connect and drive with your friends whilst helping your wallet and our planet. 

3. How Can I Save Time by Lift-Sharing?

Stop wasting time looking up public transport routes or having the hassle of trying to manually work out a journey’s cost and start to SKOOT your way to your destinations! ‘Ask for Lift’ enables SKOOT riders to request lifts from mates in a quick and efficient manner.

Would you rather take 2 buses, a train and 20-minute walk to get from home to uni? Or would you rather travel in the comfort of your mates in one car journey?

I know what I would do.

4. What’s an Easy Way That I Can Help Others Every Day?

Friends are for lifts, right? Well not entirely, but who wants to share a lift with a stranger?

Community is a big thing for SKOOT. Whether it’s helping your friends get to where they need to be (like work, the pub or the gym) or picking something up for a friend in need. Lift-sharing can be your way of doing good deeds every day.

That’s also why we’re introducing Errands in the near future. Errands is all about helping out your friends, neighbours and loved ones. 

You’ll be able to go pick up required items such as shopping, prescriptions etc and SKOOT will help you get there.

5. Why is Lift-Sharing with SKOOT the Most Convenient Way? 

If living with as small a carbon footprint as possible through SKOOT isn’t enough to make you start wanting to lift-share through our app, then consider this scenario.  

You’ve just had a text from a mate asking if you’re driving to footy practice on Saturday. Of course you’re going, you go every week and she knows this – so you read between the lines. She wants a lift. Fine, you’re already going there anyway but her house isn’t exactly on route and you had a date booked with your radio to see who can sing the loudest on that car journey this Saturday. But you’re a kind person so you agree to it. 

Fast forward to Saturday. You spent the last 5 minutes of the drive practising different ways of asking for your mate to split the cost of driving together. 

You pull up in the car park and it’s crunch time, but you chicken out. Now imagine if you had an app that would help you split fares fairly and eliminate all those awkward conversations when asking to share the price of lift-sharing. All those cringe phrases like:

‘How much do I owe you?’

‘I’ll grab you a pint on the weekend’

‘My turn next time’

Now imagine instead an app that would calculate the price for you automatically and let your friend then pay automatically for the lift.

With SKOOT’s genius algorithm, you don’t need to worry. After the ride is completed, SKOOT calculates the costs, splits it between the passengers and pays the driver. 

So, lift-sharing helps your mates, helps the planet and more importantly, it’s there to help you. Download it today on the App Store or Play Store and get SKOOTing!

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