SKOOT: The worlds first carbon-negative, lift-sharing app!

SKOOT: The worlds first carbon-negative, lift-sharing app!

At SKOOT we really love trees and hate carbon. Every three drives or rides that you do, we
plant a tree – Just for you.

Simple as one, two, TREE.

This is to make sure that all of the carbon you emit on your journey is completely offloaded,
plus a bit more. This makes us the first and only carbon-negative lift-sharing App!

2800 trees planted to date with [Eden] and through partnerships with great people like Tree App we’ve planted nearly 4000 trees in total.

At SKOOT we’ve got a Win-Win philosophy. We want everyone to benefit from using our app,
not just us.

It would be great to tell everyone to stop driving and polluting the planet. But that’s just not
practical or realistic.

But what we can do is find alternatives.

So if you need to drive, why not SKOOT it.

We believe that being in the travel and mobility industry, we have a responsibility to look
after the planet and make sure we are not causing harm to it. Hence, we offset all our
carbon by over 110% by planting trees.

Eden Reforestation Project who plant our trees does more than that. They build sustainable
communities too. Eden helps create jobs in those locations helping boost these small
economies. Creating a cycle of sustainability both to our environment and their society.

We know we can do more, but we’re just getting started, and we’ve some really exciting
thoughts we’re working on.

We are very conscious about the environment and want to make our actions of today, make
tomorrow a little bit better.

So what are you waiting for, download SKOOT on the App Store or Play Store today and start offloading your carbon for every ride.

Be carbon-negative and Earth Positive!

If you would like to find out what your carbon footprint is, click the link here to calculate it for yourself.

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