The Athletic X SKOOT: Get to Football Games on us!

The Athletic X SKOOT: Get to Football Games on us!

“Test and learn” is possibly a phrase we’ve used more than “unprecedented” or “you’re on mute” over the last 6 months.

Today sees another of those as SKOOT runs out on the pitch with The Athletic as we look to get football fans to “get their boots out the boot”.

Get to your football games and training sessions on us. We are adding a bit of moolah into your wallets as a joining bonus – find out more details by tuning in to the podcast.

SKOOT connects teammates who drive with teammates looking for a lift.

Being a good teammate doesn’t stop at the final whistle. Whether that’s taking them to training, Soccer Sunday matches, 5 a side kick-about in the park, or to the pub to the FA Cup Final.

SKOOT auto-calculates the cost, splits the fares and collects it for you.

Forget about haggling or chasing cash!

It’s also up to 80% cheaper than ride-hailing or taxis.

Let’s be honest, better to share with your mates than get on a bus with strangers, especially in this day and age. COVID-19 has made us more cautious than ever to stay safe and healthy – do you really trust public transport more than lift-sharing with your mate? We don’t think so.

We advise you to drive in your social bubbles and wear masks where necessary. Also, keep the windows open when you can to ventilate fresh air into the car.

Following these guidelines will result in a much safer journey and minimise your chances of catching corona. The only corona you want is cold and with a lime in it after you’ve smashed the opposition 3-0.

Real talk, participating in outdoor sports is not just good for your physical health. It is good for your mental health too. It is actually proven that outdoor sports boost your mental well-being.

In today’s climate, mental strength is key – so SKOOT yourself and your friends down to the park for a kick-about and have a bit of fun.

SKOOT is a safer, cheaper and greener mode of getting around. Download it on the App Store or Play Store to check it out for yourself.

Thanks to Jonny Simon for reaching out and getting it away so quickly.

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