An NHS Lift-sharing App – Zero Fees for all NHS Workers to say thanks for all of your hard work!

An NHS Lift-sharing App – Zero Fees for all NHS Workers to say thanks for all of your hard work!

At SKOOT we wanted to say thank you to all the NHS Workers. You know the people who’ve  been working day and night throughout this pandemic, and as a way of saying Thanks we’re waiving our fees..

It goes without saying; those of us at SKOOT have been living a completely different life to NHS workers– where we are doing our best to avoid the virus at all costs, NHS Workers are staring it in the face and working day and night to save lives.

We SALUTE to you!

As a gesture of our thanks, we would like to offer all NHS workers no fees and 3 free journeys. Although this is a small token in comparison to the work that you do, we hope that it provides a positive alternative to travelling to and from the hospitals and NHS Trusts..

From talking to a variety of NHS Trusts we have gained insight into some of the problems NHS workers have when commuting, including:

  • parking costs.
  • issue of getting to and from hospitals.
  • unreliable public transport.
  • expensive public transport.
  • Limited late-night public transport.

SKOOT brings a solution to these frustrations to help our customers:

  • CONNECT with their friends that drive.
  • seek a lift that will be 80% CHEAPER than taxis or ride-hailing.
  • SHARE LIFTS to the same destination.
  • find an INSTANT RIDE.
  • split fares, FAIRLY.
  • CARBON NEGATIVE transport option – we plant a tree every three rides!

After all, we will never be able to replace the efforts NHS workers have demonstrated in the last months and we are extremely thankful to partner with such an admirable organisation. If we can contribute towards making our countries heroes lives somewhat easier, then we are happy.

Download SKOOT and check it out for yourself!

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