SKOOT The Alternative to Public Transport with COVID

SKOOT The Alternative to Public Transport with COVID

We know from research we carried out (and that didn’t involve just asking our friends and family), that 55% of us are looking for an alternative to public transport during these strange times.

We’re returning back to the office, we’re going off to Uni and College, we’re seeing more friends and family, yet that pesky little thing called COVID is still hanging around like a trump in a duvet.

So that’s where SKOOT comes in, as it’s the perfect (lift-sharing) alternative, as it’s simply about travelling with friends and colleagues, and we know that 80% could be tempted back to their offices by lift-sharing if it was simple and easy.

So that’s what we’ve built SKOOT the way we have to make it easy, automating pricing, collecting monies, and asking for lifts without the awkwardness.

Plus we’ve created a great Rewards centre in the App giving you great promotions. Currently:-

  • Free £5 bonus on your 1st Drive
  • Free £5 Ride
  • Share £10 on referrals.

So what you waiting for, get lift-sharing. Download SKOOT now. (and don’t forget, every three rides we plant a tree. We’re the 1st and only carbon negative lift-sharing App).